External defects


The partner is obligated upon receipt, to unpack and check the products in order to confirm the nothingness of external, aesthetic defects, while in the case where there is a right to refuse the receipt of the item and return it to the Carrier, informing the company. If within a period of 7 days there is no complaint or information to the company from the consignee, for the existence of aesthetic defects of the species, it is presumed that the products were received in an excellent condition. In case of a confirmed defect the company is obliged in a short time to make a replacement of this kind with new. In case also, unconditional receipt of the item is deemed to have been delivered in an excellent external condition without defects.


Order cancellation on behalf of the customer due to of remorse


The partner's cancellation of the order due to the transformation is accepted only if the item is not yet invoiced and given for shipment by the company. The cancellation is by sending an email (email) to on behalf of the partner. The partner must declare the exact details of his order. The cancellation does not occur until such confirmation is sent by the platform (B2B) by electronic correspondence to the partner.

In the event that the partner prior to his/her cancellation statement has paid the value of the approved order and the company has already received it, then the company owes within fourteen (14) calendar days to return To the partner the received value in the same way that he accelerated the payment (by reversing the amount in a bank account, with cash payment, etc.), minus the extra costs (such as transport costs, etc.). Otherwise, if a payment order has been given by the partner but the money has not been collected by the then the is obliged within the period of fourteen (14) working days to expedite each Necessary action and statement to each competent institution (bank, etc.) for the notification of the cancellation of the order and the obligation to return each charged at the expense of the customer amount. In this case the is deemed to have fulfilled its obligations, and the undoing of all charges will be made on the basis of the terms of the contract linking the partner with this third institution (bank, etc.) and the is not responsible for the time of return or reversal of any relevant charge.

In any case of withdrawal from the contract of sale, the partner shall bear the costs of sending, receiving, and any bank charges.

It is clarified that once the partner has received the product and wishes to withdraw from the contract, it should not have been used and be in excellent condition and the product and packaging thereof.


Transportation of returned products 

In case you wish to return merchandise due to change of opinion, you are charged with the immediate cost of returning the products. The delivery of the returned products may be effected only by the address you have stated from the outset for their dispatch and which you have indicated to us in writing. You agree to give the carrier partner all the products you wish to return, including all parts and components that make up them, as well as the original intact packaging. Upon receipt of the returned goods by the carrier you will sign a receipt form to certify that the delivery to the carrier has taken place. The receipt form will be provided by the cooperating carrier/courier. If you are not present at the reception of the goods, you can appoint a representative who must be an adult and able to supervise the receipt of the products.

Return of products by company charge

Possible cases of return of products with liability and charge of the company:

In all cases where they are delivered differently, other than those agreed upon by type or quantity sold,
If it is found that the species bears a manufacturing defect (for household equipment/furniture: from the company),
In case of damaged packaging, the partner must not accept the receipt of the product from the outset and ask for his replacement, after consultation with the company.
The return of the products by charge of the company will be carried out either by personal and privately owned means of transport of the Company or through transport/courier.

In cases of reimbursement of the company's charge, the products must be returned to the situation received by the consignee and within 7 days of receipt. Any delay on the part of the partner is justified only for reasons of higher violence, otherwise the right of replacement under this condition ceases to exist.

In all cases the return of the product to be replaced should be done together with all the documents accompanying the product (e.g. Shipping Bulletin, invoice etc.) and its complete intact packaging (unless it is a defect found Later than the delivery and the packaging does not exist or also outside of the product case whose packaging was received by the transporters at the delivery of the item). In case of return of products depending on the case, repair, replacement or otherwise cancel the transaction if the partner legally refuses the previous two, so, provided that they have previously Received and checked the products from the company, in case of cancellation, the refund of the money to the partner will be done in the same way as their payment with diligence of the company. The company shall not be liable for the time and manner of the reversal, governed by this Agreement, upon such information.

In case of prepayment with cash, the return of the money to the partner will be made by the company's central offices/warehouses.

If the products are returned damaged or incomplete the partner platform (B2B) has the right to claim compensation from the partner, the amount of which will be determined by the condition of the products and to proceed Unilaterally and without any other purpose in total or partial offsetting of its claim against the partner.

Product returns, which are considered defective upon delivery (DOA) with the company's charge:

In the event that a product/s is found to be defective upon delivery to the partner (hereinafter for short DOA), the return of that/them will also be charged to the company.
In this case, the return of the defective product (s) can be done either by the partner himself in the company's warehouses, or by sending him/her, and the company bears the costs of receiving it, by means of the absolute choice And after consultation of the partner itself with the staff of the,
The return of products, which are considered defective upon delivery (DOA) will be accepted within fourteen (14) calendar days from delivery to the partner. At the same time, the product should not be damaged and have all the original documents accompanying the product (e.g. Shipping Bulletin, invoice etc.) and full packaging,
In case of return of the products (DOA), and provided that they have been previously received and checked by the company, the item will be replaced with similar new, otherwise if the partner does not want replacement, it will A refund is made to the partner, in the manner that he has paid the value within fourteen (14) calendar days.
The company shall not be liable for the time and manner of the reversal, governed by this Agreement, upon such information.
If the partner has purchased a product that has been considered defective at the time of delivery (DOA), and has the right to return it at the cost of the company, in the above mentioned above, then he may return to the company, and the supplementary Products of this kind. In addition to the above, the company is responsible for the remainder in accordance with art. 534. Α.κ.


Right of withdrawal


In the event that the partner wishes to return a product supplied by may complete the relevant withdrawal declaration (click on the form) within 7 days from the date of purchase, in order to return the product in accordance With existing legislation.

This withdrawal is unjustified and is done in writing by filling in the relevant cancellation form provided by the company and the partner is charged only with any additional transport costs, if he chooses another way from the cheapest Standard way of delivering the business.

The cost of returning the products to the unjustified withdrawal is corresponding to the shipping costs identified as appropriate under the heading: Shipping cost.

The partner must return the product exactly in the condition that received it, with all its accessories, the accompanying forms, the packaging in excellent condition and the payment document.

The cancellation statement is exercised in writing or electronically via e-mail and the company is obliged to send a confirmation of receipt of a withdrawal declaration upon receipt. 

The return of the money to the partner is done in the same way as indicated in the field returns. The company shall not be liable for the time and the manner in which the reversal is carried out, regulated by the abovementioned agreement, upon such information. However, it is entitled to request the retention and the cost of shipping and return of the goods-products. 

The partner is liable to compensate the company if he has made use of any other than the manufacturer's intended period until the withdrawal declaration and the company is entitled to agree with the partner the compensation even with a mutual Offsetting. In the event that the withdrawal relates to the provision of services, the partner must pay an amount proportional to the services supplied to the withdrawal declaration. If the partner exercises the right of withdrawal any associated contracts expire automatically, at no cost to the partner.


Exemptions from withdrawal


There is no withdrawal in the case of products which are not suitable for return, for reasons of health protection or hygiene, and which have been unsealed after delivery, such as personal care and hygiene devices.

Cancel Order

The partner has the right to cancel the order up to 1 day before the agreed date of dispatch of the products after the above period of time, the order will be delivered to the recipient, and if the recipient is still Does not wish the ordered product, it undertakes the shipping costs to send the product back to the company.


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